Time to Reflect

This semester was my last at university and the most interesting. I somehow ended up with three subjects that offered a lot more choice than I was used to and found that this was so much more rewarding than the very structured subjects I have been doing in previous semesters. The biggest standout in this semester was BCM311. I went into this class not really knowing what it was about, just looking for something interesting that was outside the core BCM subjects that I needed to complete my degree. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that this class was about professional values and narrative practice, which was a new concept to me. Above all I found the class to be refreshing in the way we dealt with discussion, communicating with each other and completing task and assessments.

It was great to be reminded that uni doesn’t have to be all hard work with what feels like little gain. It can be a place where you can learn about yourself, your professional identity and others types of things that can help with post uni life. In the past couple of years I had been pushing myself into areas that I was not really interested in because I felt pressure to find a job. I don’t think this was a waste of time and I still think that accounting is something I want to do but I want to do it later in life.

Due to many reasons I have spent the past couple of years seeing uni as more of a hindrance than a help and I came into this semester with a pretty negative mindset about uni. I had become pretty disinterested in learning when previously learning had been my favourite thing to do. This class showed me new possibilities. Things were more self-regulated and this led to some really interesting discussion. I have always found it difficult to speak up in class but I found myself contributing occasionally (usually with some prompting) and feeling as though what I contributed was worthwhile and that those around me appreciated what I have to say.

I found it hugely interesting to post our tasks publically and read the thoughts of peers and how everyone interpreted what we were doing differently. Sharing resources and stories as a group was motivating and I found this collaborative approach to learning really worthwhile. It may be that this is what was I was missing and why I had been finding learning at uni so unsatisfying. I also found that having my own work (in the form of interview practice) to draw on made everything feel more relevant and easy to follow. I did also find the literature on narrative practice to be interesting and it is something I want to keep learning about.

The main thing I got out of this class was loving to learn again. Putting together this final task was so interesting to me and already I have been enjoying reading the work that has been submitted. I have found that this mature and professional approach to class work, by negotiating dates to get things done, sharing and taking the time to listen to what everyone has to say has been so effective. Bringing choice and collaboration into class has been wonderful and a truly encouraging way to finish my degree. I hope that I can take this skills and reformed motivation into my future.

Thank you to everyone for sharing and listening and especially to Kate and Sue for bringing this class to us.


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